Letter From Your Farmer

We are busy around the farm this winter.  We usually try to lay low during the winter months, but with the growth of last year, we have lots to do for a successful 2015.  We found a used high tunnell (greenhouse without heat) to winter our laying hens.  This gives them a warmer place during the cold months. Chickens don't like the snow and this will give them a place to roam around scratching through the mulch while still getting the warmth from the sun's rays when it is shining.  After winter is done they will go back out to pasture and we can get a jump start on vegetables. We are also rebuilding our chicken brooder that keeps the baby chickens warm until they go out to pasture.  The first days of their life are crucial to the health of the chickens which in turn gives health to you.  The old barn wood has served it's purpose but it's life is over.  I know Kim will find lots of uses for the old wood we tear down. Every year we build more chicken tractors which we have down to a science by now.  Another project we are doing is more fencing for pig pastures and fencing the field where we raise the meat chickens and lambs.  Fencing is never fun in the winter but we need it done before spring time comes.  But with today's bitter cold temperatures and wind I figured it would be a great day for sipping coffee and writing a newsletter.

Your Farmer,

David Kesten